Redemption is not something to be kept in the past, it is something to participate in now and to share for the future.
Join us to discover the actual meaning and concept as it is found in the Passover story. It is this same power of Redemption that was at work on Calvary and is ever-expanding as a part of God’s kingship.
The story of Passover, though occurring more than 3000 years ago, is a deeply personal narrative. When we commemorate the redemptive acts of the Lord, time collapses. We must all choose for ourselves to leave Egypt. We must all choose to join our Messiah, and pick up our cross, and partake in his death and resurrection.
We encourage you to gather with your family and friends to remember the Passover and Yeshua’s sacrificial death.  We are pleased to share our CMJ Canada Haggadah and a checklist to help you organize a Seder in your home.