Membership Benefits

  • Connect your heart in a deeper way with God’s heart for Israel
  • Build relationship with other believers
  • Opportunity to gather with a CMJ Canada prayer group (more groups will be established as membership grows)
  • Receive updates on exciting ministry opportunities and testimonies
  • Join our on-line teaching opportunities
  • Be an integral part of the CMJ worldwide family
  • Receive international Prayer Focus booklets
  • Receive News & Views Newsletters
  • Volunteer for Kanada House in Israel
  • Receive quarterly updates of Kanada House
  • Take Shoresh study tours to Israel
  • Share the fullness of the Gospel with Jew and Gentile
  • Bless Israel (Genesis 12:3)

There is an annual membership fee of $25/person due January 1.

Membership Fees are NOT tax-receiptable – funds MUST be paid directly to CMJ Canada.

Submit the following form and make your $25/person payment below: 

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    Pay your $25/person membership fee via PayPal or e-transfer:

      To pay by PayPal:


      E-transfer $25/person to indicating the name of the member in the e-transfer comment section. (Use “membership” for the password.)

      Please DO NOT pay through ICMS nor through our Donation page, as membership fees are NOT receiptable.


      Alternatively, you may also mail a cheque with the form:

      Print our application form and mail it with a cheque, payable to:   CMJ Society Canada Inc. to:

      CMJ Society Canada Inc.
      42, 1316 Township Road 533
      Parkland County, AB T7Y 0G2


      Thank you! We appreciate your support!