A night to remember… 

On 8th June 2017 members of both the Christian and Jewish communities in Victoria gathered to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem. The event was held at the elegant Empress Hotel. Over 150 guests attended with an array of excellent speakers, world-class musician entertainers and excellent food!

This was an evening never to be forgotten as guests listened attentively to some of our honoured speakers, some of whom recounted their actual experiences in the six-day war…

Guests mingling as they arrive at Palm Court Reception

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Citizen and Immigration Judge, Gerry Pash kept the evening perfectly in flow…


Wonderful entertainment was provided by Musician and Performer Ken Lavigne, blending classic tenor with modern style of music. Core member of The Victoria Symphony, Philip Manning amazed guests with his many renditions of both modern and classical pieces on the Violin.


It was unfortunate that CMJ-Canada Founder and National Director, Sharon Hayton was unable to attend the event due to a family emergency. But her presence was very much with us. Her opening remarks were recorded on video…                       075-20170608-288B4693

Guests listening to the incredible entertainers…

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The Speakers had everyone on the edge of their seats, each recounting either a meanigful and personal anecdote or actual experience of the Six-Day War…

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It was clear that every attendee thoroughly enjoyed the evening with many new relationships being forged and old ones renewed.

CMJ-Canada looks forward to hosting more events that will bring understanding, friendship and collaboration between these two people groups. Thank you for being part of the work we are doing in VICTORIA and beyond!