Melodie Greyeyes, BCom.

Chair & National Director / President

Melodie Greyeyes joined CMJ Canada in 2016 when she and her husband established a CMJ Prayer group for the greater Edmonton area of Alberta. She joined the Board of Directors in 2018 and was appointed National Director on January 1, 2021. Melodie is a member of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation and is mother to four beautiful children. 

She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Commerce program in 1993 with a major in finance and has held several positions in trust companies and the federal government.  Melodie is currently the business manager and bookkeeper for their own small business (arborist company).

After getting baptized in 2003, she and her husband Gavin, completed a 6 month YWAM Discipleship Training School in 2007 with four children under nine years old!  They have fostered children, been involved in street ministry and lead Church discipleship groups.  

While on tour in Israel in 2014, the prophetic scriptures declaring God’s ultimate plan for the Jewish people and the Gentiles were at last unveiled. Receiving a deeper understanding through our Hebraic roots, Melodie is passionate to share this revelation to usher in the second coming of our Messiah!

Rev. Sharon Hayton, Advisor/Educator

Rev. Sharon Hayton is an ordained pastor within the Anglican Network in Canada Church. She has retired from congregational ministry where she served for 20 years, 5 years as an Archdeacon.

Career highlights include her key involvement in Anglican leadership with respect to the recent historical realignment of the Anglican Church. The congregation she led on Vancouver Island pioneered the way for others to follow. This realignment was to restore the place of Biblical authority in the Church and the central message of the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

Sharon was the National Director of CMJ Canada for 12 years and served on the CMJ International Board of Directors which gives oversight to the work of CMJ in the Holy Land. She believes we are living in a time when the Lord is reawakening His church to the significance of His plans and purposes for Israel as revealed in Scripture and to an understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity.

She has a passion for renewal and revival of Christ’s Church to the Glory of God, hence her love of teaching the Scriptures and of mentoring others.

Brad Smith, Treasurer

Carol Hansen, Secretary

anne-elliotAnne Elliott

Anne’s background is in administration.  She served as a council member and Warden in her church.  When she was invited to be a part of CMJ Canada she readily agreed.  Anne believes in its values and mission.  She has travelled to Israel and has assisted in the presentation of CMJ Canada courses and conferences.  She served in the role of  secretary/treasurer for 10 years.

bishop-trevorRt. Rev. Dr. Trevor Walters

Born 3rd July 1949 in Crystal Palace London England. I was converted at age 15 and mentored by a Plymouth Brethren teacher whilst attending a Baptist Church. After High School I went to Avery Hill College ( London University) completing my qualification to teach high School, specializing in Religious Studies and Physical Education. I taught for a couple of years in Bermondsey, the East End of London. I left that position to join the Barnabas Fellowship one of the first Charismatic communities in the UK. I learnt to pray in depth for people and to be taught by many inspirational leaders, from around the world.

Seminary days were spent in Salisbury and Wells, an Anglo Catholic College, not because of its churchmanship (although many valuable experiences were gained) but because of the relationship Barnabas Fellowship had with the College.

I was Ordained in Salisbury Cathedral in 1978 and shipped off to Calgary to a parish as a Curate. During the next four years I took many courses in Pastoral Counselling and was certified as as Specialist in Pastoral Counselling with CAPPE. In 1981 I became the University Chaplain at the University of Calgary. I took the opportunity to study for a Masters in Counselling, however after half the requirements I transferred to the Doctor of Ministry program at the University of Edmonton. I graduated in 1990.

In 1991 I went to St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Abbotsford as the Rector. I had opportunity to serve on the Masters of Theology Council at the University of Edmonton during much of the 90’s.

My wife of over 30 years, Julie died in February 2007.

I was appointed the Chair of the Mediating Committed of the the Anglican Church in North America in 2008. In 2009 I became a Circuit Civil Mediator with the Supreme Court of Florida. I was consecrated Suffragan Bishop in ANiC in November 2009. I have preached, lectured and mediated extensively in the UK Asia and in North America.

I married Dede in March 2011 and now have 6 children and 3 grandchildren. Life has begun again in the mercy of God and the love of Dede.

I published External Affirmation Syndrome in Jan 2016

Gordon Winder



  Graham Hunter

Graham and his wife June joined CMJ Canada in 2018, after visiting Israel in 2017 with CMJ Canada’s Shoresh Tour. He was deeply impacted by the reality of Israel’s existence surrounded by such hostility, and the revelation of scripture declaring God’s plan for the Jewish people and the Gentiles. This was further enhanced through the ‘Why Israel?’ course in March 2019.

Graham and June emigrated from the U.K. to Victoria in 1971 and taught in local schools until their retirement in 2005.  They have served in leadership in their local church in Victoria for over 14 years, including eldership for 10 years. They have three daughters and seven grandchildren.